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1/7 Humid day. Russian artillery fires same place as yesterday. Our artillery combs the wood. Improved wire entanglements. Trip wire of Russian forward posts found. Night quiet, some rain.  

2/7 Nice weather. Afternoon, Russian artillery on positions 10./258. No losses. Cholera vaccination.  

3/7 Nice weather, all quiet. 8 men replacements.  

4/7 Sunday. Russian artillery fires on Lachowo. Nice weather. Otherwise quiet day. Clothing maintenance.  

5/7 Nice weather. Quiet. Relieved by Regt 257. March to Rackucia (sp?) arrive next day 5am  

6/7 Rest until 7am. Looked at our old positions, continue over Upiki continue to Planginicle. Hauptmann von Olberg takes over III. Batl. Arrive 9:30. Rest until 1:30. Food. Clothing maintenance, Bivouac in open air, wonderful.  

7/7 Wake up 4am. 7:10 batln marches over Olej- Szynolawki to Kajunla. Arrive 9:30am. Very hot. (Illegible). Night, made camp fire, told funny stories, drank Grog.  

8/7 1am march. Over Kielburg to Wajgowo. Arrive at noon. Very hot. Many men fall out. Storms start after 7:00.  

9/7 Midnight assembly. 2am march over Giedryki to Potunschis. Arrive 10am. Bivoac. Very hot in tent. Bathe in the Weiher.

Above: The first page of August Weber's last diary, the entries 3/8 and 5/8 3:30 were probably added in the hospital

10/7 Day of rest, Catholic service.  

11/7 Awakened 2:00am, leave at 4:20 through Lukuiki to Wieszwiemy. 12./258 into bivouac. Heavy rainfall. Abode not suited to the weather.  

12/7 4:00 am wakeup. 5:15 depart over Telsze-Tuczec to XX Arrival at 6 pm.  

13/7 Rest. At 5:00 pm orders to depart, march with arrival Lelajcic. Rest from 9:30-11:20.  

14/7 March through XX to the Wentor. Cross the Wentor at point52 at 3:00am. March eastwards towards XX, arrive Uisle at 6:00am.  

Attack Uisle then on to Railway station Wiekszine. At 2:30 pm station occupied. 3 men wounded. At 17:00pm order to advance. 10. and 11. Komp on the railway embankment, 9. and 12. Komp protect the flanks. Through Polnosy to Dowbiszki. Harrased all the time by Cossacks. Dug in. Attack by 3 Russian (Cavalry) squadrons beaten back.    

15/7 2 am beat back another Russian attack. 8.30am march to estate Dowbiszki. 6 carbines, 33 lances and one Russian officers horse with his full equipment captured during the night.  

Division leaves Estate Dowbiszki for Okwiany.  Rest from 12-2.30pm. Continue over Pokiempinie (South of Gaudajcie), Karlsfeld to Kulwele. Arrive 11pm. Sleep in barn with artillerymen.  

16/7 Wake 3am. 3.45am march. III. Batln over Kiessy-Kalingan-Brass-Dagge-Alsch to Bauklaushof. Point of Batln. Fired upon. 11. Komp. In front. 10. Komp right, 9. Komp. Left. 12. Komp 150 meters behind in 3 lines (One left, one on and one to right of road).  

Orders received that point not to cross stream between Merkakurt and Endenhof. 12. Komp stops on path 300m south of Griktze. Stay until afternoon. Left and right wings under pressure from heavy enemy forces. In afternoon 1st section in position at Sliter. At 5.30pm II. And III. Battalions have to pull back because of danger on their flanks. They move through 12. Komp. Positions which are still held. Rain. III./259 attacks enemy in flank. Enemy pulls back. Their positions taken. Sleep in open field. Rain.

Left: "Zurück" a letter written to August Weber after his death, and returned to the family.

17/7 Morning advance in direction of Mestev. III. Batl. west of road. At Mestev fired upon. Took positions. Enemy had strong defenses. Barbed wire from railway embankment at Leyand over Roman to Pliskoli. 12./258 has one section left of road. This section took up position in woods west of Mestev on northern fringe of forest. Terrible infantry and MG fire. Impossible to advance. Have to dig in. Bruss wounded. Lay until 3pm. In the meantime Russian position heavily hit by our arty. Enemy pulls back. At same time German troops hit enemy in flank. III./259 and then III./258 attack positions in forest. Enemy hoists white flag, surrenders. Hundreds of prisoners. Continue to Alt Aus, pursue Russians. More prisoners. III./258 regroups.  

On alert in Alt Aus. (Illegible). Wonderful stone buildings. All inhabitants gone. 15 minutes later had to move out again towards Estate Behnen. Got halfway there then turn around and go back over Alt Aus to Friedrichshof. Arrive midnight. Nice barn to overnight in.  

18/7 4.15am wake up and march to estate Weitenfeld. Regt 258 and III./259 along with Totenkopf Hussaren Brigade and some artillery from special detachment. Continue at 11am over Wegiery-Kierczy-Welajeic-Korpiany to north west of village Szapnagi. Overnight in barn. 1. section as advanced post. Arrive at night 11pm.  

19/7 6.15 wake up. 7.50 march from Szapnagi to Minki, at southern entrance into farm houses. Arrive 10.40am. That night II. Zug as advanced post. The company in a barn.  

20.7 7am wake up. 9.30 march over Bialy-Divor-Lizyki (fire fight)- Gajzajcie to forest north of Welivecie. III. And II. Batl. Through forest to WW (?) east of Kiawkei. Advance guard (I. Batl.) found entrenched enemy at Minsajeie. III./258 to left of I. and II. Batln on extreme left. 12., 9. and 10. Komp in front. 11. Komp in reserve. 12. Komp fired on by enemy in Kiawkli and Unmajeie. Arty fire as well. 1 dead, 13 wounded. Advanced to heights and dug in. At nightfall enemy abandons positions. We stay in place.

21/7 5am march to Kiawkli. Eat from field kitchen. 6am continue over Piktujze to Gruzdzie. 2 hours rest. Continue over Dowiacie and Racze. Rest. Prepare for combat in woods to the East of Kudgale. 12.+11. Komp first line, 9.+10. Komp to the right. No enemy in the woods. Continue to Lupajcie. Mount guard. Overnight.  

22/7 6.45am march over Dowgielajcie to estate Najcie-Jackuny-Estate Degucie (rest here)-Staczuny-Katajcic-Kauksniye. Arrive 6.30pm. Secure road to Miedwoloki. 1 section on alert.  

23/7 Midnight wake up, continue over Paszkanze-Kianliszki to Pakroj. Esate Pakroj (Beautiful)-Wojszwidze to Podowgie???.  

Regiment continues on road to Siecie. 12 Komp sent to chase Russians in woods east of Podowgien??? On path south of Polaszmen.-Kolingi-Kapczuny. 21 Russians captured. Arrive 5pm. Continue to Waldejki, arrive 8:30pm. Put at the disposition of the brigade. Listening posts sent out. Continue on to ???. Sleep 11pm-1am  

24/7 On to estate Johaniszkiele. Camp in park. Very nice estate. 1pm leave for Gajlaniszki –(Illegible)- set up in forest south of Stacieny. 5am march back over Austokivie. 6pm arrival. Orders to continue to Dylaski. Halfway there and then ordered back to Austokivie. Continue on to Gajlaniszki. Arrive 10pm.  

25/7 1am, Kompagnie had to go to WW South of Gajlewiszki. Depart to Estate Johaniskiele. Assemble in woods north east of Johanisgkiele advance 5am towards Lize. Russian positions stretched from Szymauce-Walikiele-Lize-Katgnie nicely made. Our arty fires on the trenches. 12./258. R.I.R. in the forest across from Lize. Attacked Russian positions at 5pm. Enemy flees 12./258. crosses Lawena and Burg (rivers) arrives northern edge of Taloczkauy. Continue to junction where Istra flows into Lawena. Night is calm

Left: The last page of August Weber's diary.

26/7 Bathe in the Lawena. Wonderful. Caught and ate fish. 2pm march over Lize-Katynie-Polawen. Arrive 7pm quartered in nice house. Pretty garden. The owners returned that night. Slept well.

27/7 5am wake up. 6.15am left over Puszolaty-Staczuny to Estate Spiraki, arrive at noon. Quatered in govt buildings.

28/7 5am wake up. 6.00am left over Berczuny-Dunaberg-Baibaki-Biracie to Perz. Arrive 11am. Bivoac in grain silo. Lukullishes dinner. Sausage, roast potato, asparagus and bean salad. Hauptmann Seeboken takes command of the battalion.

29/7 4am wake up. 5.45 leave over point 51-estate Wodocty-Zawadzki-Zydele-Slobodka to Krakiwno. Arrive 10.30am. Town almost completely destroyed. Very nicely positioned on the Miewiaza.

30/7 Rest day. Swam, fished, wrote letters.

31/7 Church service. 11am alarm. 12.45 march over Siomeingiszki-Estate Rady-Tucuny-Estate Livuiszki-Tamagola-Upita-Zubiszki-Malmy-Pouiewiez. Arrive 8pm. Nice big towm. On alert.

1/8 3am wake up. 3.45 leave. March over Wielze-Miezyszki I- Bojaryszki-Pushauce 3-Puskauce 5-Romanvino. Enemy in woods north-north east. Very heavy fighting. Took positions that night. Advanced through burned down Brozyszki. Dug in. In afternoon light wound. Clear shot through thigh. Bandaged it and continued. Feldwebel Leutnant Kloss shot in chest.

2/8 5:30am advance on Subocz. 9.+10. Komp. In front line. Occupy enemy position south of Subocz

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