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General Officer Commanding G.S.W.A.
General Smuts G.S.W.A.
General Staff G.S.W.A.

Mounted Brigade Staffs G.S.W.A.
Northern Force Staff G.S.W.A.
Central Force Staff G.S.W.A.
Southern Force Staff G.S.W.A.
Eastern Force Staff G.S.W.A.
Chaplains Force Staff G.S.W.A.
Provost Marshall Staff G.S.W.A.
Provost Marshall Staff Pretoria
Director of Information Bureau Pretoria
Field Pay Staff G.S.W.A.
Base Paymaster Staff Pretoria
Active Citizen Force pay Staff Pretoria
Commando Pay Staff Pretoria
G.O.C. Body Guards G.S.W.A.


District Staff Officer No.1 District - Capetown
District Staff Officer No.2 District - Port Elizabeth
District Staff Officer No.3 District - East London
District Staff Officer No.4 District - Pietermaritzburg
District Staff Officer No.5 District - Durban
District Staff Officer No.6 District - Standerton
District Staff Officer No.7 District - Potchefstroom
District Staff Officer No.8 District - Johannesburg
District Staff Officer No.9 District - Pretoria
District Staff Officer No.10 District - Kroonstad
District Staff Officer No.11 District - Bloemfontein
District Staff Officer No.12 District - Calvinia
District Staff Officer No.13 District - Kimberly
District Staff Officer No.14 District - Worcester
District Staff Officer No.15 District - Graaf Reinet


S.A.S.C. Commanding Officers G.S.W.A.
S.A.S.C. Loot Masters G.S.W.A.
S.A.S.C. Transport and Remounts G.S.W.A.
S.A.S.C. Head Conductors G.S.W.A.
S.A.S.C. Conductors G.S.W.A.
S.A.S.C. Drivers G.S.W.A.
S.A.S.C. Non Coms and Men G.S.W.A.
S.A.S.C. Supplies G.S.W.A.
S.A.S.C. Ordanance G.S.W.A.
S.A.S.C. Veterinary Corps G.S.W.A.
S.A.S.C. Mechanical Transport G.S.W.A.
S.A.S.C. Wireless G.S.W.A.
S.A.S.C. Searchlight G.S.W.A.
S.A.S.C. Artificers G.S.W.A.
S.A.S.C. S.A. Aviation Corps G.S.W.A.
S.A.S.C. Motor Cycle G.S.W.A.
S.A.S.C. S.A. Engineering Corps G.S.W.A.
S.A.S.C. S.A. Engineering Corps (P.W.D. Section) G.S.W.A.

Field Telegraph and Postal Corps G.S.W.A.
Cape Cyclist Garrison


Base Depot Pretoria
General Depot Pretoria
Roberts Heights Depot Pretoria
General Depot Rosebank
General Depot Kimberly
General Depot Upington
General Depot Swakopmund
General Depot Luderitzbucht
General Depot Walvisbay
General Depot and Rest Camp Port Nolloth
General Depot 5th Mounted Brigade Tempe

Detention Camps Johannesburg
Commando Depot Green Point (Cape Town)


1st Mounted Brigade Field Ambulance
2nd Mounted Brigade Field Ambulance
3rd Mounted Brigade Field Ambulance
4th Mounted Brigade Field Ambulance
5th Mounted Brigade Field Ambulance
6th Mounted Brigade Field Ambulance
7th Mounted Brigade Field Ambulance
8th Mounted Brigade Field Ambulance
9th Mounted Brigade Field Ambulance
10th Mounted Brigade Field Ambulance
11th Mounted Brigade Field Ambulance
12th Mounted Brigade Field Ambulance
21st Mounted Brigade Field Ambulance

1st Field Ambulance
2nd Field Ambulance

Special Field Abulance S.A.M.R

Calvinia ambulance


No.1 General Hospital - Wynberg
No.2 General Hospital - Maitland
No.3 General Hospital - Luderitzbucht
No.4 General Hospital - Swakopmund

No.1 clearing Stion
Tempe Hospital - Tempe
Travato Convalescent Hospital Cape
Brandvlei Hospital No.12 Dist
Military Protectorate Hospital G.S.W.A.
Hospital Ship "Ebani"
Wynberg Training Depot Wyneberg
Commando Training Depot Cape
General Depot


1st Regiment S.A.M.R. G.S.W.A.
2nd Regiment S.A.M.R. G.S.W.A.
3rd Regiment S.A.M.R. G.S.W.A.
4th Regiment S.A.M.R. G.S.W.A.
5th Regiment S.A.M.R. G.S.W.A.

Special Service Pioneer Corps

1st Permanent Force Artillery Battery S.A.M.R. G.S.W.A.
2nd Permanent Force Artillery Battery S.A.M.R. G.S.W.A.
4th Permanent Force Artillery Battery S.A.M.R. G.S.W.A.

Transvaal Horse Artillery, attached S.A.M.R. G.S.W.A.
Ammunition Column S.A.M.R. G.S.W.A.
Police S.A.M.R.
Special Service Details medical Staffs S.A.M.R. G.S.W.A.


Headquarters Brigade Staffs G.S.W.A.
Naudes Scouts No.12 Dist

6th Intelligence Unit - Celliers Scouts
7th Intelligence Unit - Rand Intelligence
8th Intelligence Unit - Enslin's Horse
13th Intelligence Unit de la Reys/Oosthuizens Scouts
14th Intelligence Unit Lemmers Scouts
15th Intelligence Unit Swarts Scouts
16th Intelligence Unit Collins Scouts
17th Intelligence Unit Helgaardts Scouts
18th Intelligence Unit Hunts Scouts
21st Intelligence Unit Botha's Scouts


Special Intelligence


1st Infantry Brigade Train Cape Town
2nd Infantry Brigade Train G.S.W.A.
3rd Infantry Brigade Train G.S.W.A.
1st Dismounted Brigade Train Cape Town
2nd Dismounted Brigade Train G.S.W.A.
5th Dismounted Brigade Train G.S.W.A.
1st Mounted Brigade Train G.S.W.A.
2nd Mounted Brigade Train G.S.W.A.
3rd Mounted Brigade Train G.S.W.A.
4th Mounted Brigade Train G.S.W.A.
5th Mounted Brigade Train G.S.W.A.
5th Mounted Brigade Train (H.Q. Staff) G.S.W.A.
6th Mounted Brigade Train G.S.W.A.
7th Mounted Brigade Train G.S.W.A.


1st Infantry 1st D.L.I. Rebellion Mil.Dist.No.5 Kuruman/Upington 16.10.1914 Capetown 13.12.14
1st Infantry 1st D.L.I. G.S.W.A Mil.Dist.No.5 Walvisbay 25.01.15
1st Infantry 2nd D.L.I. Rebellion Mil.Dist.No.5 Natal 19.12.1914
1st Infantry 2nd D.L.I. G.S.W.A Mil.Dist.No.5 Walvisbay 29.01.15
2nd Infantry D.of.E.O.R. G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.1 Cape Town 19.12.14 Swakopmund 25.01.15
3rd Infantry P.A. Guards Garrison Mil.Dist.No.2 Cape Town
4th Infantry 1st East.Rifles Rebellion Mil.Dist.No.3 Central Force 28.11.14-28.05.15
4th Infantry 1st East.Rifles G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.3 G-Comp in Quarantine Capetown, sailed G.S.W.A. 03.03.15
5th Infantry K.R. G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.3 Central Force 22.11.14
6th Infantry C.T. Highlanders G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.1 Capetown 28.08.14
7th Infantry 1st Kim.Regt. G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.13 Central force 28.11.14
7th Infantry 2nd Kim.Regt G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.13 Northern Force 13.12.14
8th Infantry 1st Trans.Scottish G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.8 Central Force 28.11.14 Northern 08.05.15
8th Infantry 2nd Trans.Scottish Rebellion Mil.Dist.No.8 Mil.Dist.No.9 (Pretoria) 13.12.14
8th Infantry 2nd Trans.Scottish G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.8 Northern Force Swakopmund 5.1.15
9th Infantry Cape Pen.Rifles Garrison Mil.Dist.No.1 Cape Peninsula
10thInfantry Wit.Rifles G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.8 Central Force 28.11.14 Northern 14.06.15
11th Infantry R.L.I. Rebellion Mil.Dist.No.8 Central force 28.11.14 DeAar 16.12.14
11th Infantry R.L.I. G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.8 Central Force 22.12.14 Northern Force 14.06.15
12th Infantry Pretoria Regt. G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.9 Central Force 28.11.14 Pretoria 26.12.14 Northern Force 14.06.15

1st Rhodesian Regt. G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.10 Mobilised Bloemfontein/Catetown to Northern force about 15.12.14
South African Irish Rebellion Mil.Dist.No.8 Pretoria13.12.14
South African Irish G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.8 To walvisbaai 21.12.14
Rand Rifles Rebellion Mil.Dist.No.8 Northern Force 13.12.14
Rand rifles G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.8 At Walvisbaai 25.01.14
Railway Regt. G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.8 Tormed March-April 1915
Depot Battalion. (Port Elizabeth, Garrison Mil.Dist.No.1
Booysens then Cape Town)

Infantry Training Batt. Garrison Mil.Dist.No.8
Protectorate Regt: Garrison Mil.Dist.No.13 Served in union and prot. Formed mainly from Kimberly central Commando
Orig Unit- S.A. Veteran regiment

Dismounted Rifles

1st D.M.R. Western Province Rifles Garrison Mil.Dist.No.14 Cape Peninsula Services
2nd D.M.R. Western Province Rifles Garrison Mil.Dist.No.14 Cape Peninsula Services
3rd D.M.R. Western Province Rifles Garrison Mil.Dist.No.14 Cape Peninsula Services
4th D.M.R. Independant Border Rifles Mil.Dist.No.3 Attached to 4th Mounted Inf.
4th D.M.R. 1st Southern Rifles Rebellion Mil.Dist.No.3 No 13 Dist until 13.12.14
4th D.M.R. 1st Southern Rifles G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.3 Northern Force 16.03.15 Walvis 23.03.15
5h D.M.R. 2nd Southern Rifles G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.3
6th D.M.R. Midland Rifles Rebellion Mil.Dist.No.15 Kroonstad 12.12.14
6th D.M.R. Midland Rifles G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.15 Southern Force Hopetown 28.12.14
7th D.M.R. Hoogeveld Schutters Mil.Dist.No.6 Absorbed in 9 and 10th M.R.
8th D.M.R. de la Rey's Ruiters Rebellion Mil.Dist.No.7 No.9 Dist 12.12.14 on leave 21.12.14
8th and 13th D.M.R. de la Rey's Rebellion Mil.Dist.No.7 No.9 Dist 12.12.14 on leave 21.12.14
Letburg Ruiters
8th and 13th D.M.R. de la Rey's G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.7 Southern Force 11.02.15
Letburg Ruiters
9th D.M.R. Bechuanaland Rifles Rebellion Mil.Dist.No.13 De Aar 12.12.14 Mafeking 16.12.14
9th D.M.R. Bechuanaland Rifles G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.13 Eastern force 21.12.14
10th D.M.R. Northern Transvaal Rifles Rebellion Mil.Dist.No.9 Pretoria 14.12.14
10th D.M.R. and 13th M.R. G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.9 To Southern Force
Northern Transvaal Rifles
13th D.M.R. Lichtenburg Ruiters Rebellion Mil.Dist.No.7 See 8th and 13 D.M.R. Pretoria 12.12.14 on leave 21.12.14
14th D.M.R. Karoo Schutters G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.15 at Cape Town to Southern force (Upington) 8.1.15

Mounted Rifles

1st M.R. 1st Natal Carbin G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.4 Central Force 28.11.14
2ndM.R. 2nd Natal Carbin G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.4 Central Force 28.11.14
3rd M.R. Natal Mrd Rifles Rebellion Mil.Dist.No.5 Harrismith 11.12.14
3rd M.R. Natal Mrd Rifles G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.5 Central Force 19.2.15
4th M.R. Umvoti Mtd Rifles G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.4 Harrismith to Central Force 13.315
5th M.R. 1st I.L.H. G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.8 Central Force 21.10.14 Northern 2.1.15
5th M.R. 2nd I.L.H. G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.8 Central Force 12.12.14
8th M.R. Midland Horse G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.15 Northern Force 14.12.14
9th M.R. Hoogeveld Ruiters Rebellion Mil.Dist.No.6 Kroonstad and Bethlehem11.12.14 (On leave 26.1.15)
10th M.R. Botha's Mtd rifles Rebellion Mil.Dist.No.6 Kroonstad and Bethlehem11.12.14 (On leave 26.1.15)
9th & 10th M.R. Botha's Hooge G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.6 Southern Force 11.2.15
11th M.R. Potfsm Ruiters Rebellion Mil.Dist.No.7 Kroonstad and Bethlehem11.12.14 (On leave 26.1.15)
11th M.R. Potfsm Ruiters G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.7 Southern Force 11.2.15
12th M.R. Krugersdorp Rifles Rebellion Mil.Dist.No.7 Kroonstad and Bethlehem11.12.14
12th M.R. Krugersdorp Rifles G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.7 Southern Force 11.2.15
13th M.R. Northern Transvaal Rifles Rebellion Mil.Dist.No.9 Kroonstad and Bethlehem11.12.14 (On leave 21.1.15)
13th M.R. & 10th D.M.R. Northern G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.9 Southern Force 11.2.15
Transvaal Rifles
17th M.R. Western Prov M.R. G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.1 Capetown to Steinkop 5.4.15
18th M.R. Griqualand West Rifles G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.13 Southern Force 19.12.14
19th M.R. Transkei Mtd Rifles Native Rising Mil.Dist.No.3 No Rebellion or G.S.W.A. service
20th M.R. Graaff-Reinet Ruiters G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.15 1st Portion of Regt at Upington Reserve about 10.3.15 to Upington
Enslin's Horse Rebellion Mil.Dist.No.9 Transvaal and Upington
Enslin's Horse G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.9 Reorganised for G.S.W.A. Southern Force 11.2.15
Hartigan's Horse G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.3 Mobilised at East London 6.1.15 to Steinkop
N.L. Horse Rebellion Mil.Dist.No.4 13.12.14 to Capetown for Central Force 13.3.15
N.L. Horse G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.4 in G.S.W.A.
1st, 2nd and 3rd Independent Mtd Rifles B.B.S. These units were in training at the outbreak of the war and seem to have been disbanded
1st and 2nd Independent Mtd Rifles B.S.S.
South African Police Rebellion


Durban Garrison Art. Garrison Mil.Dist.No.5
Cape Garrison Art. Garrison Mil.Dist.No.1 (Some with Central Force ?)
Cape Fortress Engineers Garrison Mil.Dist.No.1
Heavy Artillery G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.1
Artillery Details and Training Depot Garrison Mil.Dist.No.1
6th Cit.Batt.(C.F.A.) G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.1
7th Cit.Batt.(N.F.A.) G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.4
8th Cit.Batt.(T.H.A.) G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.8 Attatched S.A.M.R.
12th Cit.Batt. (N.F.A.) G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.5
Royal Garrison Art. Mil.Dist.No.1
Royal Marine Art. Mil.Dist.No.1

Machine Gun Sections

3rd Infantry G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.2 With Southern Force as E section
4th Infantry G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.3 With Central Force
6th Dismounted G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.15 Booysens 12.12.14 Southern Force 9.3.15
6th Mounted G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.3
8th Mounted G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.3 Northern Force 19.12.14
19th Mounted G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.3 Booysens 12.12.14 Eastern Force 24.1.15
Natal Light Horse G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.4 Central Force at luderiz Bay 20.3.15
Carnarvon G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.12
Lt. Wolmarans G.S.W.A. Mil.Dist.No.12 (?)
Lt. Johns G.S.W.A. Captured by Enemy, reformed as E Section
Armoured Train G.S.W.A. Sailed 19.12.14 for Northern Force
Motor Cycle G.S.W.A. At Walfis Bay 15.3.15 Northern Force
Rexer Moter Cycle G.S.W.A. Northern and Central Force
Rexer G.S.W.A. Northern and Ceantral Force (Central 26.12.14, Swakopmund 25.1.15)
Section A. G.S.W.A. Booysens 20.12.14 Northern Force 9.2.15
Section B G.S.W.A. To Northern Force at Swakopmund 25.1.15
Section C G.S.W.A. Northern Force 25.1.15
Section D G.S.W.A. Booysens 4.2.15 Sailed Walfis 1.3.15 Northern
Section E G.S.W.A. (See 3rd Inf and Lt johns sec) At Tempe 3.6.15
Section F G.S.W.A. Tempe, to Northern Force 3.6.15
Reserve Riflemen (Training) Tempe Training Camp.

The 1st Brigade units all served during the Rebellion and in GSWA
With the exception of Uys and Grobelaars Scouts, all Intel units formed for the GSWA campaign,
the men taken from various other units.

1st MOUNTED BRIGADE RIGHT WING (Mobilised 5th January 1915)

Krugersdorp Cdo. Mil:Dist:No.7 G.S.W.A.
Potchefstroom A. Cdo. Mil:Dist:No.7 G.S.W.A.
Potchefstroom B. Cdo. Mil:Dist:No.7 G.S.W.A.
de la Rey's and Oosthuizwn's Scouts (13th Intel.) Mil:Dist:No.7 G.S.W.A.
Uys's Scouts Mil:Dist:No.7 G.S.W.A.

1st MOUNTED BRIGADE LEFT WING (Mobilised 5th January 1915)

Bloemhof Cdo. Mil:Dist:No.7 G.S.W.A.
Lichtenburg Cdo. Mil:Dist:No.7 G.S.W.A.
Marico Cdo. Mil:Dist:No.7 G.S.W.A.
Wolmaranstad Cdo. Mil:Dist:No.7 G.S.W.A.
Grobler's Scouts Mil:Dist:No.7 G.S.W.A.
Lemmer's Scouts (14th Intelligence Unit) Mil:Dist:No.7 G.S.W.A.

The 2nd Brigade units all served during the Rebellion and in GSWA
All Intel Units were formed for the GSWA campaign, the men taken from various other units.

2nd MOUNTED BRIGADE RIGHT WING (Mobilised 12th January 1915)

Ermelo A. Cdo. Mil:Dist:No.6 G.S.W.A.
Heidelburg A. Cdo. Mil:Dist:No.6 G.S.W.A.
Heidelburg B. Cdo. Mil:Dist:No.6 G.S.W.A.
Standerton A. Cdo. Mil:Dist:No.6 G.S.W.A.
Standerton B. Cdo. Mil:Dist:No.6 G.S.W.A.
Swart's Scouts (15th Intelligence Unit)

2nd MOUNTED BRIGADE LEFT WING (Mobilised 12th January 1915)

Bethal Cdo. Mil:Dist:No.6 G.S.W.A.
Carolina Cdo. Mil:Dist:No.6 G.S.W.A.
Ermelo B. Cdo. Mil:Dist:No.6 G.S.W.A.
Middelburg A. Cdo. Mil:Dist:No.6 G.S.W.A.
Middelburg B. Cdo Mil:Dist:No.6 G.S.W.A.
Collin's Scouts (16th Intelligence Unit) Mil:Dist:No.6 G.S.W.A.


The 3rd Brigade units all served during the Rebellion and in GSWA
All Intel Units were formed for the GSWA campaign, the men taken from various other units.

3rd MOUNTED BRIGADE RIGHT WING (Mobilised 15th January 1915)

Botha's natal Horse Mil:Dist:No.6 G.S.W.A.
Piet Retief Cdo. Mil:Dist:No.6 G.S.W.A.
Vryheid Cdo. Mil:Dist:No.6 G.S.W.A.
Utrecht Cdo. Mil:Dist:No.6 G.S.W.A.
Wakkerstroom Cdo. Mil:Dist:No.6 G.S.W.A.
Helgaardts Scouts (17th Intelligence Unit) Mil:Dist:No.6 G.S.W.A.

3rd MOUNTED BRIGADE LEFT WING (Mobilised 19th January 1915)

Botha's Mounted Rifles Mil:Dist:No.9 G.S.W.A.
Lydenburg A and B Cdo's Mil:Dist:No.9 G.S.W.A.
Pietersburg Cdo. (van Tonders Horse) Mil:Dist:No.9 G.S.W.A.
Waterberg Cdo. Mil:Dist:No.9 G.S.W.A.
Hunts Scouts (18th Intelligence Unit) Mil:Dist:No.9 G.S.W.A.


The 5th Mounted Brigade was formed of Free State Commandos who had served in the Rebellion.
All Intel Units were formed for the GSWA campaign, the men taken from various other units.

5th MOUNTED BRIGADE RIGHT WING (Mobilised 9th Febuary 1915)

1st. Regiment B.V.S.S. Mil:Dist:No.10 G.S.W.A.
2nd. Regiment B.V.S.S. Mil:Dist:No.10 G.S.W.A.
3rd. Regiment B.V.S.S. Mil:Dist:No.10 G.S.W.A.
Botha's Scouts (21st Intelligence Unit) Mil:Dist:No.10 G.S.W.A.

5th MOUNTED BRIGADE LEFT WING (Mobilised 9th Febuary 1915)

4th. Regiment B.V.S.S. Mil:Dist:No.10 G.S.W.A.
5th. Regiment B.V.S.S. Mil:Dist:No.10 G.S.W.A.
6th. Regiment B.V.S.S. Mil:Dist:No.10 G.S.W.A.
Botha's Scouts (21st Intelligence Unit) Mil:Dist:No.10 G.S.W.A.



11th Mounted Rifles
12th Mounted Rifles
8th Dismounted Rifles
13th Dismounted Rifles
Celliers Scouts


9th Mounted Rifles
10th Mounted Rifles
13th Mounted Rifles
10th Dismounted Rifles
Enslin's Horse
Celliers Scouts


Regiments initially mobilised at Pretoria, then Deombilised and Incorporated into the 4th Mounted Brigade

13th Mounted Rifles
10th Dismounted Rifles

7th Dismounted Rifles
9th Mounted Rifles
10th Mounted Rifles

Cape Commandos

1) Cape Commandos not called up for the Rebellion: Serving against the Germans in G.S.W.A. from their mobilisation in October 1914 until May 1915

Cradock (Formed out of the de Aar and Philipstown Cdo's, Jan-Feb 1915)
Cullinan's Horse
Clan William
Calvinia-Kenhardt ( in Febuary 1915 the Calvinia-Kenhardt Commando was formed out of the following Commandos: Louws Calvinia Cdo., Pretorius Calvinia Cdo., Kenhardt Cdo., Vermaas's Scouts.)
de Aar (See Cradock Cdo.)
Kalahari Horse (Originally van Zyls Kuruman Cdo., reorganised into K.H. in Jan 1915. Was supposed to absorb Cullinans Horse but this did not happen)
Kimberly Central
Midland Scouts
Philipstown (see Cradock Cdo.)
Parkinson's Horse
Studer's Springbok (Namaqualand)
Victoria West
van Rhynsdorp

2) Cape Commandos serving October- 31st December 1914 in 12th and 13th Mil.Dist.only

Niewoudsville Mil.Dist.No. 12 Amalgamated into the Calvinia-Kenhardt Cdo Dec. 1914
Barkley West Mil.Dist.No. 13
Hopetown Mil.Dist.No. 13
Hay Mil.Dist.No. 13
Herbert Mil.Dist.No. 13
Mafeking Mil.Dist.No. 13
Vryburg Mil.Dist.No. 13

Cape Commandos by Military District

Clan william Mil.Dist.No. 12
Carnarvon Mil.Dist.No. 12 M.G.S. attached
Calvinia-Kenhardt Mil.Dist.No. 12 Include Louw's and Pretorius Calvinia, Vermaas' Scouts, Rifles Clubs and Town Guard
Fraserburg Mil.Dist.No. 12
Gordonia Mil.Dist.No. 12 Including one Squadron Enslins Horse
Niewoudsville Mil.Dist.No. 12 Rebellion Only
Prieska Mil.Dist.No. 12
Sutherland Mil.Dist.No. 12
Studer's Springbok Mil.Dist.No. 12 Also known as Namaqualand
Vermaas Scouts Mil.Dist.No. 12 Merged with Calvinia-Kenhardt
van Rhynsdorp Mil.Dist.No. 12 Including special service men etc. of that District
Barkley West Mil.Dist.No. 13 Rebellion Only
Cullinan's Horse Mil.Dist.No. 13 Included Cullinan's Vryburg Cdo.
Hopetown Mil.Dist.No. 13 Rebellion Only
Hay Mil.Dist.No. 13 Rebellion Only
Herbert Mil.Dist.No. 13 Rebellion Only
Kimberly Central Mil.Dist.No. 13 On Demobilistaion became S.A.Veteran Corp.
Kimberly Dist. Patrols Mil.Dist.No. 13
Kalahari Horse Mil.Dist.No. 13 Known as van Zyl's Commando during Rebellion, included Kruger's Special Police
Mafeking Mil.Dist.No. 13 Rebellion Only
Mafeking D.R.A. Mil.Dist.No. 13 Special Duty Town and Railway
Midland Scouts Mil.Dist.No. 13
Parkinson's Horse Mil.Dist.No. 13
Vryburg Mil.Dist.No. 13 Rebellion Only
Aliwal North Mil.Dist.No. 15 Rebellion Only
Britstown Mil.Dist.No. 15
Cradock-Philipstown Mil.Dist.No. 15 Philipstown and de Aar merged
Cedarville Mil.Dist.No. 15 Special duty in own Dist.
de Aar Mil.Dist.No. 15 Merged Cradock-Philipstown
Graaff-Reinet Mil.Dist.No. 15
Hanover-Colesburg Mil.Dist.No. 15 Also known as Hanover Mounted Rifles
Murraysburg Mil.Dist.No. 15
Philipstown Mil.Dist.No. 15 merged Cradock-Philipstown
Victoria west Mil.Dist.No. 15

Defence Rifle Association
Special Service Guarding Bridges, Town Guard and other Services

Defence Headquarters
Modderfontein Dynamite Factory
Olivier's Hoek
Piet Retief
Little Tugela
Mafeking (Service in Mil.Dist.No.13 Nov.-Dec. 1914

Transvaal Rebellion Commandos

In the case of an area having two or more Commandos, they were generally told apart by the name of the commander.
"Swart's Bloemhof Commando" or "Visser's Bloemhof Commando"

Commado Commander Mil.Dist.

Barberton Hazeldene Mil.Dist.No.6 Vryburg
Barberton Bousefield Mil.Dist.No.6
Newcastle Brink Mil.Dist.No.7
Bloemhof Swart Mil.Dist.No.7
Bloemhof Visser Mil.Dist.No.7 see Wolmaranstad Cdo.
Bethal de Villiers Mil.Dist.No.6 at Kimberly
Bethal Grobler Mil.Dist.No.6
B.N.Horse Botha Mil.Dist.No.6 At Upington
Carolina Mostert Mil.Dist.No.6 Vryburg
Christiana de Beer Mil.Dist.No.7 Upington
Celliers Scouts Celliers Mil.Dist.No.8
Dullstroom Mare Mil.Dist.No.9 Upington
Ermelo 1. Smit Mil.Dist.No.6 Kimberly
Ermelo 2. Steenkamp Mil.Dist.No.6
Ermelo Collins Mil.Dist.No.6 Kimberly
Grobelers Scouts Grobeler Mil.Dist.No.7
Heidelburg 1. Kamffer Mil.Dist.No.6 Vryburg
Heidelburg 2. Kamffer Mil.Dist.No.6 At Kimberly
Heidelburg Noltes Mil.Dist.No.6 At Kimberly
Heidelburg van Schalkwyk Mil.Dist.No.6
Heidelburg- Greyling Mil.Dist.No.6
Krugersdorp de la Rey Mil.Dist.No.7 at Kimberly
Krugersdorp Vorster Mil.Dist.No.7 Near Kimberly
Klerksdorp Boshof Mil.Dist.No.7
Klerksdorp Visser Mil.Dist.No.7 (Under Col Collins in 10th Dsit??????)
Lichtenburg Wessel Mil.Dist.No.7
Lichtenburg Visser Mil.Dist.No.7 Upington
Lichtenburg Vermaas Mil.Dist.No.7
Lichtenburg Lombards Mil.Dist.No.7 Upington
Lichtenburg van Wyks Mil.Dist.No.7
Lichtenburg Greene Mil.Dist.No.7 Griquatown 24.11.14
Lydenburg Swart Mil.Dist.No.9 Vryburg
Louis Trichardt Goosen Mil.Dist.No.9
Middelburg Hamon Mil.Dist.No.9 Vryburg
Middelburg Mouton Mil.Dist.No.9 Vryburg
Middelburg Bierman Mil.Dist.No.9
Marico van Niekerk Mil.Dist.No.7
Marico van Tonder Mil.Dist.No.7
Nigel Trigaardt Mil.Dist.No.6
Pretoria Jones Mil.Dist.No.9
Pretoria Opperman Mil.Dist.No.9
Potchefstroom Grobler Mil.Dist.No.7
Potchefstroom Buitendach Mil.Dist.No.7
Potchefstroom Dreyers Mil.Dist.No.7
Potchefstroom Bothma Mil.Dist.No.7
Potchefstroom- Olen Mil.Dist.No.7
Potchefstroom Holl Mil.Dist.No.7
Potchefstroom- Visser Mil.Dist.No.7 See Klerksdorp Cdo.
Pietersberg A&BMoller Mil.Dist.No.9
Pietersberg Erasmus Mil.Dist.No.9
Pietersberg Goosen Mil.Dist.No.9 See Louis Trichardt Cdo
Piet Retief de Jager Mil.Dist.No.6 Upington (Standerton Squadron Attached)
Piet Retief Engelbrecht Mil.Dist.No.6
Paulpietersberg Wessel Mil.Dist.No. 6
Rustenburg van Heerden Mil.Dist.No.9
Rustenburg Verster Mil.Dist.No.9
Rustenburg Klopper Mil.Dist.No.9
Roodekoppen Greyling Mil.Dist.No.6 See Greyling's Heidelburg
Standerton Botha Mil.Dist.No.6 At Kimberly
Standerton Claassen Mil.Dist.No.6
Uys Scouts Uys Mil.Dist.No.7
Utrecht Len Mil.Dist.No.6 Upington
van de Venters Horse Mil.Dist.No.9
van Tonders Horse Mil.Dist.No.9
Ventersdorp Yessel Mil.Dist.No.7
Vryheid Emmett Mil.Dist.No.6
Vryheid Kruger Mil.Dist.No.6 Single Squadron
Wakkerstroom 1de Beer Mil.Dist.No.6
Wakkerstroom 2Smuts Mil.Dist.No.6
Waterberg Geyser Mil.Dist.No.9
Wolmaranstad du Toit Mil.Dist.No.7
Wolmaranstad van rensberg Mil.Dist.No.7
Wolmaranstad- Mil.Dist.No.7 Composed Vissers Cdo and Capt Woods Bloemhof Squadron
Zeerust du Plessis Mil.Dist.No.7

Orange free State Rebellion Commandos

The following Commandos operated in the O.F.S. and Transvaal during the rebellion and were sent home on leave in Dec 1914.
They reformed as Brands Free State Rifles (5th Mounted Brigade) in Jan-Feb 1915

Brands Horse A Mil.Dist.No.11
Brands Horse B Mil.Dist.No.11
Bloemfontein Details and Brand Details Mil.Dist.No.11
Bultfontein Mil.Dist.No.10
Bethlehem Mil.Dist.No.10
Bethulie Mil.Dist.No.11
Botha's Light Horse Mil.Dist.No.10
Boshof Mil.Dist.No.11
de Burg Patrols Mil.Dist.No.11
Edenburg Mil.Dist.No.11
Ficksburg Mil.Dist.No.11
Frankfort Mil.Dist.No.10
Fauresmith Mil.Dist.No.11
Glen Mil.Dist.No.11
Heilbron Mil.Dist.No.11
Hoopstad Mil.Dist.No.10
Harrismith Mil.Dist.No.10
Kaffir River Mil.Dist.No.11
Kroonstad (Thring's) Mil.Dist.No.10
Kroonstad (Deneckers) Mil.Dist.No.10
Kroonstad Town Guard Mil.Dist.No.10
Ladybrand Mil.Dist.No.10
Lindley Mil.Dist.No.10
Philippolis Mil.Dist.No.11
Parys Mil.Dist.No.11
Reitz Mil.Dist.No.10
Rouxville Mil.Dist.No.11
Senekal Mil.Dist.No.10
Smithfield Mil.Dist.No.11
Thaba'Nchu Mil.Dist.No.11
Thromsberg Mil.Dist.No.11
Thrings Light Horse Mil.Dist.No.10
Vredefort Mil.Dist.No.10
Vrede Mil.Dist.No.10
Winburg (Cronje) Mil.Dist.No.10
Winburg (Pretorius) Mil.Dist.No.10