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Badges related to the Königlich Bayerisches Infanterie-Leib-Regiment veteran's association

Above: the basic association Pin and a Larger badge, apparently an honor badge for services to the Leib Regiment association.
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The 1936 Leiber Treffen und Saarbefreiungsfeier Homburg - Saar , the Leiber reunion and celebration for the liberation of the Saar. The difference between the silver and gold badges are unknown, in this case however the Gold badge originates from the group of a high ranking officer.
The membership badge for the Singing circle of ex members of the Leib Regiment
Former members of the Infanterie Leib Regiment from the Oberallgäu area,

A commercially availible Veteran's medal with the Leib Regiment bar.

Above: a standard membership badge for the association with the 1907 founding date and a 10 year membership bar.

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