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Soldiers fighting at Verdun sent home postcards of all kinds. The cards in a certain way help us understand a bit about the battle. I will use this section to show a few of my favourites.  

On Page 1 I have chosen to show a few over the top illustrations of the battles as seen by a German artist named W. Burger. Ignoring certain "details" Burger painted a series of pictures showing the various sectors of the battlefield. While there is no shortage or errors in the pictures, they do give a sense of the dramas which took place on the heights around Verdun.

The Cote Lorraine, German artillery fires into the hills where the infantry is dying. Note the bursting shrapnel clouds.
The Storming of Fort Douaumont, although much blood would flow in and around the fort, the intitial "storming" was a bit less dramatic.
In the town of Verdun, some landmarks which are still very recognisable today
Capturing the French guns at Bethincourt
Attack in the forest of Avocourt, the men from Bavaria and Württemberg attack
A French night attack is shot to pieces on the aptly named "Toten Mann" (Dead Man)