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The clichéd phrase "moon landscape"  was a true description of certain parts of the Verdun Battlefield.

On the first page are a series of Photographs belonging to a German Soldier who was to the North of Fort Vaux in the Fumin-Wald, Vaux Teich and the village of Vaux.

The photographs at the bottom of the page (Damloup I-Werk and victims of artillery) are not from the same series.

Above: A German Soldiers photo of the remains of the village of Vaux. The line going diagonally down the hill on the left must be the Ravin des Grandes Houyers. I think Vaux Teich must have been to the photographers left, Fort Vaux behind his right shoulder
Above: The Fumin-Schlucht. At a guess, the Vaux Teich behind the photographer, Bazil Schlucht branching off to the right, Fumin Schlucht of to the left after passing the remains of the I-Werk (Infantry blockhouse) on the top left.
Above: Ants on a hillside, details of the German soldiers in the Fumin-Schlucht Photograph.
Above: A fantastic shot of the battlefield showing Vaux-Teich and Fort Vaux, more details below.
Above: I think this photograph was taken from the Ravin de la Fausse Cote. On the hill at the back is Fort Vaux,the black smudges are some poor buggers marching past the Vaux Dam towards the Fumin-Wald
Above: Out of the range of small arms fire, but not artillery fire. German soldiers in the Bezonvaux-Werk
Above: The remains of an I-Werk to the North-West of Fort Vaux on the edge on the Fumin-Wald
Above: A Postcard showing Germans occupying a French I-Werk close to Damloup, to the east of Fort Vaux
Above and below: The moon landscapes were not the only results of the terrible shelling. German troops occupy a French position after an artillery bombardment. There was little dignity in death on an industrial battlefield.
Above: A view from the trench in an unknown corner of the battlefield... the sharpeyed amongst you will notice the abandoned lid of a messtin
Above: Abandoned Artillery positions, the stacked wicker baskets for shells can still be seen.
Above: a 1916 Photograph of the city taken by a German Artillery spotter
Above: a 1917 Photograph of the city taken by a German Artillery spotter

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