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While German medals are usually unamed and difficult to reseach, the Militärpaß is a fantastic source of information and is an interesting collecting fiels in its own right.

If you have an interest in German identity documents and need help reading them, or would like to help others read them, why not sign up, its free! HERE

Vizefeldwebel Heinrich Kohlmeier

2. Sturm-Komp. – Königlich Preuß. Sturm-Bataillon Nr. 5 (Rohr)

Kohlmeier was one of the first draft members of the sturmbataillon Rohr.

He took part in many of the most interesting actions and recieved not only the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd class, but also the preusiche Militärverdienstkreuz, or golden Military Service Cross, one of just 1773 awarded during the conflict


Unteroffizier Adolf Breuer

4. Sturm-Komp. – Königlich Preuß. Sturm-Bataillon Nr. 5 (Rohr)

Breuer joined the Battalion in 1916 and served at Verdun and in the Champagne when parts of the S.B. Rohr were attached to the 7th Sturmbataillon. He recieved the Iron Cross 1st and 2nd Class

Zeile 2
Hermann Briest

A young locksmith who trained as a Flamethrower
operator, and was then attached to The Jäger-Sturm-Bataillon Nr.3.

On the 2nd of July 1918 he was wounded in an attck at St Albert.

Josef Buchmüller

Trained as a Machine Gunner, then a flamethrower operator,
then one of the first members of the fledgling German Panzer
troops, Buchmüller ended up seeing action as a machine
gunner on the western front when German industry could
not provide tanks for all its crews

see HERE
Heinrich Gustav Albert Barthels was born in Lübeck on the 15th of April 1898 and joined the army on the 24th of September 1914, aged 16 and a half. One day after his 17th Birthday (15th April 1915) he was transferred to a combat unit, the 13. Komp. I.R. 162 (which became the 9. Komp I.R. 187) 
On the 1st of July 1915 he was wounded by a bullet on Height 664 to the east of Metzeral. On the 17th of September 1915 he was wounded by artillery on the Schratzmännle. A week later he was promoted to Gefreiter. 
On the 8th of March 1916 Barthels was sent to "Sturm Abteilung Rottweil" (The unit seems to have mixed up Oberrotweil with Rottweil), he stayed until the 7th of May 1916 when he returned to his unit. The I.R. 187 fought in the Munster Valley at the Schratzmännle, Metzeral, Height 664, Barrenkopf etc from June 1915 until August 1916.
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