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Pictured is a twill fatigue Tunic for NCO’s, this example belonged to Sergeant Glaser of the 1. Batterie of the Saxon Feldartillerie Regiment 12. The Tunic is depot dated 1909.

A twill jacket was issued to privates and Gefreiter while twill tunic was issued to NCO. The tunic had skirt similar to the field grey tunic.

The twill garments were worn for heavy work and as can be seen from period photos was popular during the summer months for artillery Gun Crews.

In the Photo on the left the "soldier" has an Artillery/Minenwefer drag strap

Left: The name tag for Sergeant Glaser. The size "2" canbe seen above the name tag
Above: Gunners examine a damaged artillery piece. The man on the left wears a twill jacket, the NCO 2nd from left has a twill Tunic.
Above: Gunners wearing the Twill jacket. The NCO on the left and Medic wear regular Field Grey Tunics.